Expandable Hose Pipe


This hose is designed to be convenient and space saving. When you use this hose, it'll extend it's length into three times of it's original length. When you stop use it, hose will automatically shrink to it's normal length which could save many storing space.

Easy To Pack and Store

As our product has extend ability, it's just more convenient when it comes to storing your hose than those normal ones. Our hose is soft enough to make knot without worrying about breaking it.

Smell Good

Our special hose is made from environmental friendly material. They smell good and never get smelly compare to normal plastic hose.

Strong Pressure

Tap water will be pressurized through the hose making the water flow faster stronger compare to normal hose.

Standard Hose Connection

1/2" quick connect makes this hose a convenient tool to set up for watering.

Foam Pot Available

There is a Foam pot available. You can use it for a car wash. easy to set up. Foam adjustable.


Material: ABS + TPE

Operation Steps

  1. Make sure the rubber washer is placed firmly inside of the Coupler for the spigot. It will prevent leaking when using the Garden Hose for the first time. It is recommended to slightly stretch the hose to release tightness in the outer folder material covering.
  2. Attach the female end of the Water Hose Pipe to the water source.
  3. Turn on the water source. Gradually increase the water pressure. The Flexible Expandable Hose Pipe will automatically expand up to its original length. You can use it just like an ordinary hose.
  4. Turn off the water spigot when you finish using the Magic Hose. Drain out the remaining water. The Expandable Flexible Magic Hose Pipe will contract back to its original length while draining water.