Round Shape Hamburger Press

by pipleo

Press the desired quantity of minced meat or another mixture into the stainless steel dish and then get it into shape. Versatile kitchen software — it exhibits glorious efficiency on making floor meat additionally for vegan burgers, sausage patties, crab muffins, and so forth. the mildew with the deal with will also be a roast plate when baking or grilling.

Ultimate Hamburger Tool

This burger press delivers perfectly shaped burgers complete with grooves for the professional burger look.


The surface is coated with a food-grade non-stick coating, which keeps patties intact during removal, and speeds cleanup as well.

Round & & Smooth

The edge of the product is round and smooth, with no obvious bumps, delicate and comfortable, beautiful, and elegant.

Easy to Use

Simply load the burger maker with meat, fish, or a veggie mixture and press down the handle to produce a perfect thick round burger.

Get Creative

Stuff your hamburger with any kind of cheese, veggie, or topping imaginable with this patty maker, or skip the beef and mold turkey, veggie, salmon, black bean, lentil, or sausage patties.

Package Include

We provide many styles for you to choose, please check before order, thanks!
If you choose Press, package will include
1 Set Grill BBQ Patty Maker 
If you choose Press and Paper, package included:
1 Set Grill BBQ Patty Maker 
100 Oil Papers