4 in 1 Keyboard Cleaning Brush


Does Your Keyboard Get a Little Dusty, Are You Guilty of Snacking at Your Computer Like Me?

So now make dust nowhere to hide. This tool is specifically designed to keep dust and gunk out of your keyboard. The soft side of this brush will remove dust from the screen and keyboard, while the harder side is particularly suitable for cleaning between keys.

Dual-Head Design

Double-head concealed design, two kinds of the crevice cleaning head, make dust nowhere to hide.

Scratch-Proof Brush

A special selection of nylon brushes with moderate softness and hardness, a three-row design with high pore strength, good elasticity, stiffness and compactness, more labor-saving friction.


Two kinds of cleaning head, multi-purpose, deep cleaning every corner of the keyboard and make dust nowhere to hide.

Double-Ended Switching

Double ends can be switched according to different needs, keyboard cracks are easy to accumulate dirt, crack cleaning head can penetrate into the cracks, remove dirt.

Easy to Pull Keys

With a simple key puller, the change of keycap is no longer laborious and the removal of the keycap is cleaner and more thorough.

Better Cleaning

Embedded Silicone Handle

 Package Includes

1 Keyboard Cleaning Brush