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Emitting Color

The New Wave of LEDs is Here 

forget the wires and the installation headache, the Eyzend ™ Wireless LED Touch Light is the best way to light up your car... The Eyzend ™ patented design is completely wireless and waterproof, allowing you to upgrade the interior or exterior of your car with ease. and Stick


While the Wireless LED Touch Car Lights are perfect for adding some fun and style to your car, they can also be used in a variety of other places. These lights can add some ambiance to your bedroom, living room, or even your backyard. Simply place them on a table or shelf, and you'll have an instant mood setter. You can use the touch feature to change the colors to match yok mood or the occasion.

Lighting at Your Fingertips

Stick Eyzend ™ LEDs has 6 color options that can be toggled with just the touch of a finger. Pick your favorite color or put it in automatic color-changing mode. Just peel and stick your LEDs in our desired location and watch the magic happen. Our LEDs are designed to last over 5 hours on a single charge.