Magic Laundry Cleaning Ball Washing Machine

  • the Ultimate Laundry Solution: Complete Laundry Detergent Replacement - Just Throw it in the Washer with Your Clothes as Normal.
  • REUSABLE: Use it Again and Again! No Refill is Needed! Works on Almost All Fabrics Including Cotton, Polyester, Nylon & More.
  • SAFE AND ALL-NATURAL: Cleans Laundry with Natural Bio-Ceramic Elements, unlike Traditional Detergents. It Deep Cleans by Increasing the pH Balance Creating a Natural Hydrogen Peroxide type Effect to Remove Dirt & Odors.
  • SAVES MONEY: Lasts up to 1500 (5 Years) Washes Without Using Expensive Detergent Every Time You do a Load of Laundry. For Maximum Efficiency Place in the Sun Once a Month for One Hour.
  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: It Doesn't Agitate the Skin as it Doesn't Contain Harsh or Toxic Substance, Unlike Synthetic Detergents.

         Reusable Laundry Cleaning Ball Household Cleaning Tool
         Application: Home Bathroom
         Features: Reusable, Anti-winding, High Quality