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Do you worry about driving at night, as it’s hard to see with headlight glare? Do you feel a lack of driving confidence? 

Headlight Glasses are perfect for you. Countless customers speak about how their vision & confidence is now transformed when driving at night.

"GlareCut" Turns Blinding Headlights (Even LED High Beams) Into Safe Orange

Headlight Glasses have orange lenses - which completely cut down the glare of oncoming headlights - because of "GlareCut" Technology.  

This works by adding orange color to all bright white light - without making the night look darker. Our eyes contrast orange far easier than white. As a result, this cuts blinding bright light.

Fits Over Prescription Eyeglasses!

Ridiculous, yes. But not completely stupid looking - you’ll be comfortable enough to wear them in your car. 

They’re purposefully big enough to wear comfortably, over prescription glasses.

Also, the lenses on the side allow peripheral vision without worrying about headlight glare.

Will This Work For Me?

On average, 65-year-olds get blinded by headlight glare for 9 seconds. For 15-year-olds, this is 2 seconds.

Older eyes have fewer rod cells, as our retina changes with age. This means light receptors (responsible for black-and-white vision) become less effective naturally, over time.

As Headlight Glasses turn all bright white light into a soft orange, this means they’ll help you see safely when driving at night with clear vision.

To Feel Confident Driving At Night...