Detachable And Foldable Wine Rack

by pipleo

The Perfect Picnic and Home Garden Foldable Outdoor Wine Table

It can be very frustrating to spill your glass not to mention the discomfort of having to hold it all the time since you have nowhere to put it.

Outdoor Portable Wine Table – Just Sippin'

The best way to enjoy an anniversary and casual party occasion with friends and family is in the open air, especially when the warm weather begins. If you’re the type of outgoing individual that knows the great fundamentals of setting up ritzy parties with superlative red wine and delicious crackers or specialties, this beautiful bamboo wine table is the master picnic accessory that gives your event a high-class feel to every diverse taste of individuals.

Designed to be a conversation starter between guests and acquaintances, this chic and elegant picnic table offers a groundbreaking style that allows everyone to celebrate the unique moment in merriment – be it in the backyard, front yard, rooftop, at the beach, or concert. Now you can celebrate and enjoy your event to the fullest.


  • Material: high-quality wood, light, and durable.
  • Design: Foldable design, which can be folded when not in use to save more space and facilitate storage.
  • The wooden table is folded into a flat state and locked in two positions of opening and closing.
  • The nail leg can be inserted into the ground effortlessly, it can work in grass, dirt, and sand.
  • It can accommodate all the elements of a classic picnic, such as a bottle of wine, two glasses of juice, and a plate of your favorite fruit or snack.
  • Suitable for: outdoor camping, family picnic, courtyard party, beach party, etc. This hand-folding wine table is indispensable for all wine lovers, it allows you to drink anytime, anywhere.


Product weight: 550 g
Material: Wood

Package Content

1 Foldable Outdoor Wine Table