Astronaut Projector Night Light LED Lamp

Emitting Color

Astronaut projector

  • Name: Astronaut Projector
  • Laser (green light) parameters: Laser wavelength: 523mm
  • LED power: 5W
  • Starry sky color: Colorful (controllable monochrome)
  • Shell material: ABS material
  • Power source: USB cable and is not rechargeable.
  • Remote control: 20/30 meters
  • Wireless remote control battery model: 2 x AAA battery (battery not included)
  • Product size 8.6 x 7.6 x 12.5CM
  • Power cord length 1M

Living room, bedroom, office, bed, car decoration, Christmas, birthday party.

The perfect gift for a family, lover, or child.

This product is fine carving, not only the sky projector but also can be used as ornaments statue decoration.


360° Rotate free adjustment

Easy to project to all corners

*The first button is nebula control. Click to switch nebula and long press to close

*The second button is the start switch. Click to start and long press to close it

*The third button is star control, click on open, long press off

Projection to the ceiling of the living room, add more color to the living room, the effect will make guests amazed.

Projection to the bedroom head, ceiling, create the bedroom star river, relieve fatigue.

Projection into the children's room, add more color to the room, let the child with the stars, let the child like their own room more.

Projected to the roof of the car, so that the roof into a starry sky, and can not only be used as a projection lamp but also can be used as interior decoration

Can also be used as Christmas decoration, Christmas makes the interior richer, more atmosphere.

Projection in the office, work area, relieve work fatigue.

When you date your partner, make it more romantic

Can be used to celebrate the party, decorate the birthday party, and make the party more atmosphere.

Surprise your lover, child, co-worker, or best friend with a gift.