Touch Screen Tactical Gloves


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The gloves are made of leather, and all five fingers can touch the screen. The touch feedback is very sensitive. This is because the glove has a special treatment on the finger part, and it can smoothly unlock the screen and answer the phone in daily use.

1. The aggressive plastic hard protective cover provides impact resistance, effectively reduces impact and wear, and avoids accidental injuries in outdoor sports.
2. Quick-drying and sweat-wicking The large-area vents play a good ventilation role and are good for heat dissipation.
3. Improved hook and loop, increase durability and increase service life.
4. The buckle can be adjusted flexibly, not easy to loosen, and it provides safety protection for the wrist and improves wearing comfort.
5. Classic hot style gloves, our price is not necessarily the cheapest, but I can guarantee the quality is the best, there is countless people's praise, please hurry up and buy it.

Product details:
Material: Microfiber, Nylon
Color: Black, Green, Brown
Size: S/M/L/XL
Due to manual measurement, it allows a 0.12(in) discrepancy
Note: The middle finger length of the full finger gloves: S: 8.0 cm, M: 8.2 cm, L: 8.5 cm, XL: 8.8 cm, error range: + / - 0.3 cm
Package Includes:1 pair of gloves,1 carabiner
Please note 1. Different gloves correspond to different size tables, please compare carefully. 
2. Only A16 will give a carabiner, please understand.

P10 gloves size chart


The aggressive plastic hard shield provides impact resistance, effectively reduces impact and abrasion, and avoids accidental injuries in outdoor sports.

The palm reinforcement layer improves the wear resistance coefficient of the palm, and can increase the friction force, allowing you to work more easily.

The ventilated flexible material provides cooling air flow and minimizes moisture, making it ideal for cool and hot weather. Soft plastic on the back. Can provide protection for your fingers.

Nylon hanging ring, easy to use, not easy to lose, we will also give you a free carabiner, easy to carry.