Foldable Car Door Step Pedal


Shorten the Distance Between You and the Car Roof

Making access to the rooftop is much easier. For some people who like to travel or go out, how to place large or long items that cannot be placed in the car is always a problem. The car roof sounds like a good place, but it is not easy to get there, so you need this multi-functional foldable car roof step.

Easy Loading

Loading or strapping down large outdoor essentials or sporting equipment will never feel so easy. 

Premium Material 

The use of high-end aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable, and the surface of the doorstep is frosted and processed. It is not easy to be scratched or slipped.

Practical and Useful

A small thing will shorten the distance between you and the roof. You only need to take one step, you can easily put things on the roof or remove things from the roof, and even clean the car roof.

Firm and Fixed

As humans, anyone is afraid of falling when stepping on suspended objects. However, our multifunctional foldable car roof rack pedals are designed to support400 pounds/180 Kgfit all sizes of feet, and are compatible with any SUV or RV.

Portable, Convenient and Foldable

The size is15X7.5X1CM, which can be folded to 90 degrees, so that you can drive the car as you like, and it is convenient to carry. In an emergency, you can use it to break the window of survival.

Safe for Your Vehicle

The part of the pedal contacting the car body is wrapped with rubber strips, increase friction and protect the car paint, prevent the paint from being scratched. The vehicle rooftop assistance doorstep dimension is big enough to fit all sizes of feet. The non-slip surface has raised lines, which increase the friction with the pedal, and the anti-slip effect is strong.


The car doorstep is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, lightweight yet strong enough to support 400lbs. The extended platform supports both feet for maximum stability. Vehicle Hooked on-on U Shaped Latch Step with Safety Hammer Function, In case of emergency, you can use our safety hammer to break through the glass to escape.


The car step hook comes with a protection strip, Non-slip, and avoids scratching painting on your car, provides solid and secure support for you standing on the step. Storage is made simple, with an easy-to-fold design that takes up minimal space within your car. just install in 3 seconds, very easy to use.

Size Details

Package Includes

1 Universal Car Footstep