Torque Wrench


Features: Self-adjusts to fit thousands of fasteners. It can be used in automotive industry, household maintenance, manufacturing industry,construction and other industries. Can disassembled various shapes nuts, screws, hooks, lag screws, and bolt heads ect. This product is compact and easy to carry. Removable screws,rotating hooks,disassemble flat head screw. Removing irregular screws and remove broken taps, tightening knobs. Power drill adapter included.

One Size Fits Most

Grip any screw eyes, hex nuts, lag screws, hooks, bolt heads, wing nuts, and square nuts. It's big help for your car, boat, bike, backpack, tackle box, or back pocket.

54 Durable Steel Rods

A self-adjusting socket wrench features 54 durable pins which made of steel. Allowing the socket to automatically conform to any shape.


Saves a Ton of Time and Space

Unique universal socket tools allows for going from fastener to another seamlessly. No need to stop, search, and switch for the correct socket. Make everything simple and effective.