USB Rechargeable Wooden Book Lamp


This modern living Book Lamp offers an iconic light solutions from a source that’s shaped as a book. It's a multi-purpose smart solution lamp that adapts to the changes in your lighting lifestyle and needs. It can be mounted anywhere in the house or outdoors whenever necessary. Great for an outdoor party, backyard or night-reading. Cordless and lasts up to 6 hours when fully charge.


Magically lights up when you open and when it is closed it looks like a book. It has four light tone colors to choose from: Warm White, Red, Green, or Blue. Open and Close the book to get color changing for a soft cozy ambiance.


Made of environmental red walnut wood, with laser cutting technology cover and Dupont Tyvek paper book page. Laser-cut ensure bending and will not cause damage to lamp. The Tear-Resistance book page are fairly sturdy with a slight texture.


Powered by 2500mah Li-ion battery. You can charge the book lamp from the USB port of your computer, laptop, power bank or charger. Charging Time: 2-3 Hours. Usage Time: 6 hours. You can open it to look like a book or open it all the way into a circle, as the edges have magnets that hold it open.


You can use the changeable and foldable book light as a accent light, nightlight, droplight, desk lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, pendent lamp, wall lamp, bedside lamp, unique decoration, outdoor light, emergency light etc.


A wonderful gift for birthday or Christmas and other special occasions. It is absolutely perfect, special and amazing gift for your families, friends, lover etc.. Specially for book lovers, avid readers, bibliophile. Instantly bring smile to the receiver's face due to its uniqueness.


    • With USB cable and a rechargeable battery(built in), you can charge your book-shaped light extremely easily. 
    • Small in size, it's very easy and very convenient to take with you and use it anywhere you want With strong illumination and special appearance design, the book light is both practical and beautiful.
    • Made of Tyvek paper with high durability and strong water resistance, so the product is long-lasting. 
    • You can use the changeable and foldable book light as a table light, floor lamp, ceiling lamp and bedside lamp.